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What is a flap wheel?

Flap wheel, also known as flap disc wheel and chuck-type flap wheel, bench grinder wheel for drill, belongs to a kind of coated abrasives tools. Each product is made of hundreds of flaps, so it gets its name. It is made of aluminum oxide, the base material is the cloth base and is made into gauze through the assembly line, and then it is made of gauze layered and full resin paste. 

The upper and lower chucks are grooved to fix the sand blade between the upper and lower chucks. The two ends of the inner side of the sand blade are respectively provided with an L-shaped buckle groove and a fastening ring, and the fastening ring is fixedly connected with the buckle groove. The fastening ring is solidified and bonded together by the glue and the buckle groove to form a thousand-blade wheel. The thousand-blade wheel is divided into two types: straight groove and U-shaped groove.

The left one is straight groove flap wheel, the right one is U-shape groove flap wheel, which are both made of blue zirconia.

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Features of our flap wheel:

- 1.Durable and wear-resistant, long lifespan

- 2.Relatively strong elasticity;

- 3.Super sharp;

-4.High processing efficiency;

-5.Do not burn the workpiece during grinding;

- 6.Stable performance and good safety;

- 7.Fast grinding speed saves time.

- 8. Large in size and belongs to a kind of large emery cloth wheel.

- 9. The working surface is hard and wear-resistant, with strong elasticity,

- 10. Because of its sharp cutting, high processing efficiency,

- 11. Does not burn the work-piece, stable physical and chemical properties,

- 12. High security

- 13. The continuous operation is simple and convenient

The Application of abrasive flap wheel :

The abrasive flap wheel is suitable for large area rough polishing, grinding, derusting and grinding of various stainless steel, metal, wood, furniture, stone and other fields, polishing and shaping of various irregular surfaces, and mechanical manufacturing of different materials Multi-faceted rust removal and grinding, high polishing efficiency and long service life. This product is commonly used in industries such as automobile manufacturing, heavy machinery, ship repair, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hardware and decoration. Automobile manufacturing, heavy machinery, ship repair, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hardware and decoration industries.

How does the flap wheel work?

The flap wheel needs to be installed with some supporting tools. The flap wheel is mounted on a manual electric grinder, polishing machine or automatic grinder or polishing machine through bearings. The rotation of the machine drives the flap wheel to rotate, thereby quickly grinding the work-piece. The length determines the thickness. In use, from the outside to the inside, the abrasives are used layer by layer, which will not cause too much waste of abrasives. If one layer is not ground, the next layer is a new abrasive.

What kind of option about the material and grit can I get?

We mentioned that on the above section, we can customize the size for any flap wheel,let me list the material and grit you can get, which is needed by different product hardness, grinding effect, sanding requirement.



Calcined corundum: 40、60、80、100、120、150、180、240、320、400、600、800

Aluminum oxide:40、60、80、100、120、150、180、240、320、400、600、800

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Advantages of our flap wheel

-Our Premium Flap Wheels

We have rich experience in the production of flap wheels, with the mission of quality first, serving customers in many fields, these customers come from knife manufacturers, cable manufacturers, kitchen utensils manufacturers, etc. The flap wheels we produce are precision abrasive cloth, wireless head , the surface is flat, round, does not drop leaves, the glue is of good quality, the leaves are firm, durable, sharp enough.

-Inferior flap wheel

There are also good and bad flap wheels. Inferior thousand flap wheels have sparse abrasive cloth, many thread ends, the surface is not smooth enough, not round, the blades are easy to fall off, the quality of the glue is poor, the hard burrs cannot be ground, not sharp enough, and they are easy to shake after installation. Not for the purpose of grinding.

Precautions for using the flap wheel

The flap wheel is used in many industries and has become the best mass grinding product for surface treatment. What should I pay attention to when using the flap wheel?

1. During the grinding process, the room temperature should be kept, and the polished product should not be stained with water to avoid slipping;

2. The thousand flap wheels have certain wear and tear requirements, and must be replaced when the wear reaches a certain level. It is an extremely unsafe violation to use beyond the wear and tear requirements in order to save materials;

3. The operating environment of the flap wheel should be operated indoors without clutter. In use, you should pay attention to concentration and not half-heartedly, so as to avoid accidents. If it is used in an outdoor environment, try to choose a quiet environment;

4. During the grinding process, the polished product should be kept parallel to the working level; secondly, the user should master the force well, and the force should be even, and should not be ignored.

5. After each use, simple maintenance is required to check whether there are impurities between the blades, which can be cleaned properly, and check whether the bonding of the blades is loose or damaged to avoid accidents.

6. In addition to the blades, there are bearings on the severely worn parts of the flap wheel. Therefore, the bearings should be checked and replaced regularly. 3. During the use of the flap wheel, try to keep the product dry.

7. For the preservation of the flap wheel, try not to overlap and squeeze, and keep it ventilated and dry.

With the needs of various industries, flap wheels have also undergone different changes. The general shape is a wheel, but there are also different ones such as ellipse and small flap wheels with handles. I won’t introduce too much here. After all, the needs of industries are different. Basically, you can customize any shape you need.