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Double Angles Sanding Block

◀ For Automobile,Wooden Furniture,Glass Surface

◀ Product Category:Sponge sanding block

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◀ This product is widely used for fine polishing of wood, glass, automobiles, stainless steel and precision instrument products,etc.

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The professionally produced sponge grinding block has the characteristics of moderate hand feeling, high sharpness, strong wear resistance, fast air removal, high elasticity and flexibility, strong water absorption, and ideal dry and wet grinding effects. It is widely used in hand-polished furniture and plastic products. It can be used repeatedly for surface polishing, polishing of car repair paint, surface treatment of metal rust and plastic, energy saving and environmental protection, and has obvious advantages over traditional sheet-shaped sandpaper. It is the best choice to replace similar imported products.


◀ Material: ①Calcined Aluminum Oxide ② Aluminum Oxide ③Silicon carbide

◀ Size:125mm*75mm*25mm

◀ Sponge Grade: Premium, Elastic,Durable

◀ Grits: 60/ 80/ 100/ 120/150/180/ 240/ 320/ 400/ 600/

◀ Sponge color: Grey/Accept customization

◀ Shape: Diamond


◀ Coating made of silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, calcined corundum

◀ Wear resistant, and conformable.

◀ Wash, reusable, ideal for wet and dry grinding working

◀ Two different grit on the same sanding block, cost-effective


◀ Plastic products

◀ Auto Accessories

◀ Dry wall putty

◀ Cookware rust removing


◀ Because of its strong stretchability, sponge sand blocks can easily clean curved and wrinkled surfaces; moreover, sponge sand blocks have strong water absorption capacity, can maintain long-term humidity grinding, and can be made into various styles according to the shape of the processed surface .

◀ Sponge sand block combines the excellent characteristics of water resistance and acid and alkali resistance. Sponge sand block is very suitable for metal surface rust removal and plastic surface treatment. It is very good in the fields of furniture, plastic product polishing surface and car refinishing paint. The flexibility of the sponge sand block is particularly good, suitable for both dry and wet uses, and can be cleaned and reused. Strong cutting force, good flexibility and strong water attachment ability.

◀ Sponge sandpaper is made by bonding selected mineral sand such as alumina or silicon carbide on a high-strength paper substrate. Sponge sandpaper can effectively produce good grinding force and toughness, excellent anti-clogging treatment and anti- Electrostatic treatment also has a high service life and can achieve greater use efficiency. Avoid accidental scratches and get good use results.

◀ Due to its special performance, the abrasive effect of the elastic polishing material is very good, it will not easily damage the workpiece, and will not cause scratches during the operation. The effect of the use process is very good, and because of its sponge substrate Can have multifunctional purposes.

◀ In addition to maintaining the functions of the traditional water sandpaper, the sponge sand block also overcomes all the shortcomings of the water sandpaper, which greatly reduces the labor intensity when grinding the product, doubles the grinding efficiency, lowers the same consumption cost, and has a longer service life. long. Because of its water storage function, it can reduce the workload of flushing and chip removal, and it is comfortable to hold and easy to use; it can also be used dry to grind all kinds of metal and wood products.


◀ Accept customize the sponge color 

◀ Accept customize the product size

◀ Accept customize the finer grit

◀ Accept customize the handing card or other packing


 5-10pcs free sample are available

◀ Sample lead time 2-3days