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Silicon carbide belts

◀ Floor Sander Sanding Belts Wide Sanding Belt Silicon Carbide Industrial Grade

◀ Product Category:Sanding Belts

◀ Code:JKX022
◀ ◀ Material: Silicon Carbide, Backing: Polyester Cloth◀Abrasive cloth: Y-wt heavy duty polyester cloth◀Size: Width 3-120mm , length 305-820mm◀Grit: 40 - 400#◀Color: Dark GrayFEATURES◀ Finger joint provides the most stable operation for your belt sander.◀Feat

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◀ Material: Silicon Carbide

◀ Size:customize

◀ Grade: Coarse, medium, fine

◀ Color Option: grey

◀ Backing: softcloth


  • 1、Color: Black coating surface, be different from aluminum oxide which is red color surface

  • 2、Sharpness: Silicon carbide is sharper than aluminum oxide

  • 3、Cost:  silicon carbide is with more cost than aluminum oxide ( about twice as high)

  • 4、Application: be ideal for grinding glass, resin, plastic, high density sheet, stainless steel metal, wood working, copper and brass grinding 

  • 5、Backing:  soft cloth and hard cloth two different base option 

  • 6、Grits: P24P36P40P60P80P100P120P150P180P240P320P400P600P800P1000P1200P1500P2000

  • 7、Craft: splicing and overlap

  • 8、Size: accept any size

  • 9、Lead Time: 3-5days