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Zirconia Alumina Abrasive Belt Sanding Belt

◀ abrasive cloth roll Sand paper roll

◀ Product Category:Sanding Belts

◀ Code:JKX020
◀ For Grinding Polishing Metal/Woods, cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel , hardwood board heavy duty grinding work◀ Material:Zirconium oxide◀Backing:Polyester Cloth◀Abrasive cloth:Y-wt heavy duty polyester cloth◀Size:Width 10-120mm , length 330-9000mm◀Grit:

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For Grinding Polishing Metal/Woods, cast iron, stainless steel, carbon steel , hardwood board heavy duty grinding work

◀ Material:Zirconium oxide 

◀ Backing:Polyester Cloth

◀ Abrasive cloth:Y-wt heavy duty polyester cloth

◀ Size:Width 10-120mm , length 330-9000mm

◀ Grit:36 - 400#

◀ Cloth Grade:Very sturdy or rigid

 - Zirconia alumina belts are the go to choice for aggressive sanding, grinding of metals and hardwoods. 

 - These belts are built on a robust X-weight polyester abrasive cloth backing. they are intended for wet or dry use.

 - These belts can be used on back-stand belt grinders, knife belt sanders, benchstand grinders, portable belt sanders and a wide assortment of home built grinders.

 - Mainly apply in a variety of metals like steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc.


◀ Flexible cloth backing provides ideal comfortable for blending and finishing contours and complex parts

◀ Lighter weight backing is ideal for medium to fine grades and reduces cost

◀ Superior durability and cut-rate with consistent performance

◀ Longer life than comparable aluminum oxide belts

◀ lower cost per part and less time lost to belt changeovers

It can be customized by customer's requirements. It has different sizes to choose from and has a high tensile strength and great tension.


◀ Grinding of hard heat steel, hard wood board

◀ zirconia alumina abrasive belt suitable for heavy grinding and polishing with middle or heavy load, for steel, alloy-steel, cast iron and nonferrous metal.


◀ Flexible cloth backing, lighter weight backing is ideal for medium to fine grades and reduces cost. 

◀ Precision Shaped Grain provides superior durability and cut-rate, with consistent performance, which translates to higher production rates. longer life than comparable aluminum oxide belts, 

◀ Which means a lower cost per part and less time to change belt


◀ Temperature and humidity requirements:

   -The ideal temperature is: 18-220C;

   -The ideal humidity is 40-65%

   The abrasive belt should not be stored in a place where the temperature and humidity change greatly. 

◀ If the temperature is too high, the binder will age and reduce the service life of the belt. 

◀ Synthetic fiber matrix belts (such as polyester cloth belts) are sensitive to cold and cannot be stored in cold warehouses.


◀ Always wear the appropriate protective equipment when using these belts.

◀ If the humidity is too high or too low, the belt will be deformed, and the deformation will reduce the bond strength of the belt sand layer.

◀ Excessive humidity has a serious impact on the abrasive belt.

◀ In addition to water-resistant abrasive belts, the general belts are used after being damped, and they are prone to discounts and wrinkles, which cause the belt machine to be scrapped.

◀ In addition, the abrasive material is easily adhered to the surface of the abrasive belt when the wet abrasive belt is ground, reducing the service life of the abrasive belt. 

◀ The high temperature and low humidity have a great influence on the paper-based abrasive belt, which makes the paper-based abrasive belt brittle and easy to break and scrap when used.